Associates in Family Medicine, P.C. was founded in 1962 by Dr. Donald Wells. Since then, AFM has grown to nine full-service offices and more than 50 medical providers throughout Northern Colorado. We strive to deliver the very best possible care to every member of your family.

What do we stand for?

No matter why they come to see us, our patients want a convenient, wholehearted approach to health. That means a consistent experience they can count on and peace of mind, regardless of where they go or who they see, or their source of payment.

At AFM, we believe every body deserves exceptional care with every visit. We deliver compassion both in the office and out. We truly value our patients and their time. That’s why we actively listen to and talk with them, as well as our team members – not just at one another. And we not only offer comfort and clarity, but also build honest, lasting patient relationships that put every mind at ease.

AFM’s Mission

Empowering our staff to deliver compassionate, convenient healthcare and advocate well-being and peace of mind throughout your neighborhood – always.

Your Medical Home

At AFM, we strive to be more than just a doctor you need when you’re ill. We like to help you stay healthy, and by providing a home-base where you come for all your medical needs, we feel we are able to get to know you, and help you be well. Learn more about our care team, and the medical home. 


We recognize that your time is valuable; therefore most office care is delivered by appointment only.

              • Schedule an appointment by calling your provider’s office, (or the office where you wish to go).
              • Cancellations should be made no later than 24 hours in advance, if possible.

In the event of an emergency that may affect your scheduled appointment, we will contact you promptly and offer you an opportunity to reschedule.

For convenient care without an appointment, we accept walk-in patients at our new walk-in clinic, as well as our Urgent Care clinic