Fun Winter Activities To Keep You Moving

Often times, our activity levels drop in the winter, due to staying inside and hiding from the cold weather! However, just because frigid temperatures and snow storms are upon us doesn’t mean you have to hibernate! There are plenty of fun ways to stay active and have fun outdoors in the winter.

Ice skating: Check out one or two local, outdoor ice skating rinks. You’ll use muscles you didn’t know you had during this family-fun activity!

Snowshoeing: Get your steps in for the day and take a little trek around your neighborhood! You can even do this in your own backyard!

Skiing/Snowboarding: Hit the slopes! The mountains have been getting tons of snow this season. Be sure to apply sunscreen and wear a helmet!

Sledding: Climbing up those steep hills surely works up a sweat! Bonus: the hard work pays off with a fun ride down!

Shovel the driveway: If you’re really snowed in, bundle up and dust off that sidewalk. Shoveling snow can be a fun family activity for all! A snow angel here or there is an added bonus!

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