Additional Sports Medicine Services

Our Sports Med team offers several specialized services in addition to evaluations, customized treatment plans, injury prevention and fitness promotion.

Additional Services

  • Ultrasound imaging
    • Used diagnostically to view soft tissues
    • Used therapeutically to accurately guide injections into precise areas when necessary (interior hip and SI joint, interior shoulder joint, tendon sheaths etc.)
  • Digital X-rays available on-site at AFM’s Lemay Clinic and AFM’s Urgent Care Clinic
  • Return-to-play evaluation and guidance
  • Management of concussion with an interdisciplinary team of other experts
  • Gait analysis and training
  • Throwing evaluation (overhead athletes such as baseball pitchers) and training
  • Fracture care
    • Including reduction, splinting, and casting
    • Multiple cast colors and waterproof casts available in the clinic
    • Conscious sedation and fluoroscopy-assisted fracture reductions as needed (conducted at The Surgery Center of Fort Collins)
  • Joint and tendon injection
  • Hyalgan and Euflexxa treatment for osteoarthritis of the shoulder and knee
  • Real-time MRI and X-ray reading and interpretation
  • Exercise prescription
  • Thoughtful selection and prescription of personalized physical therapy programs
  • Reassurance when an injury is stable
  • Care coordination with local orthopedic surgeons for injuries or conditions that might require surgery
  • Second opinions and consultations

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