When it comes to babies, we deliver!

Did you know that Associates in Family Medicine physicians care for pregnant women and deliver babies? In fact, we consider it one of the great pleasures and privileges of being family doctors!

There are a number of reasons you might consider choosing an AFM physician for your obstetrical care.

First, we are trained in obstetrics as well as new-baby care. We care for women throughout their pregnancies, deliver their babies, then care for both moms and children after the birth.

This means we can be especially helpful with breastfeeding challenges in the days and weeks after delivery. And in the long run, caring for both moms and kids (dads, too!) helps us understand the family’s unique situation and needs. “Getting to know the family over time helps us deliver truly family-oriented care,” said AFM’s
Dr. Mark Rotman.

Second, the AFM doctor who sees you throughout your pregnancy will almost always be the doctor who delivers your baby. We don’t use a system in which the practice’s on-call physician or midwife is the person who attends your delivery. “If you’re my patient, I’ll be the one to deliver your baby,” said AFM’s Dr. Susie Klingner. “I wouldn’t miss it for the world.”

In the long run, if you have non-pregnancy-related medical issues while you’re expecting, your AFM physician will help you with those, too. Heck, you’re at the doctor’s office all the time when you’re pregnant. Might as well make those visits do double-duty!

For more information on AFM’s OB services, please ask your doctor or call the office nearest you.