Obstetric Care

Did you know that family physicians from Associates in Family Medicine perform hundreds of deliveries at Poudre Valley Hospital and Medical Center of the Rockies every year? We specialize in providing personalized care for the entire pregnancy, from the first prenatal visit to the delivery in the hospital. Unlike many expectant mothers, the majority of our OB patients are able to have the same physician perform the delivery that has cared for you and your baby during the prenatal visits. As an added bonus, our physicians can also provide care for your newborn starting immediately after delivery.

Urine pregnancy tests are available in all offices. We advise scheduling a consultation as soon as you become aware that you are pregnant so that the physician can provide advice regarding medications, exercise, prenatal vitamins, immunizations and diet. If you are taking any medications you should call immediately to determine if these are safe to continue during pregnancy.

Our conveniently located neighborhood clinics provide a warm and personalized touch to care during the entire pregnancy. We look forward to seeing you in one of our offices.

Katje L. Musgrave, D.O.

Joseph W. Prows, M.D.

Elizabeth J. Maes, M.D.

Ian D. Brickl, M.D.

Deric D. McIntosh, D.O.

Dr. John C. Cawley, M.D.

Anne I. Siple, M.D.

Margaret R. Lesage, M.D.

David S. Schmidt, M.D.