Patient Medication Resources

Cost Issues:

  • If you find out a prescription is not covered or requires a prior authorization, ask to know the cash price. It may not be much different than your copay.
  • Most pharmacies have discounted generic medication lists or savings clubs that you can join. Ask to see a list.
  • The website: is a good place to see the cash price of a medication at many pharmacies in a certain zip code and obtain coupons for medications.

Prescription Assistance Programs, Coupons, Rebates

  • The website: is a good place to find information about prescription assistance programs for people without prescription insurance or to find coupons and rebates that anyone could use.
  • For patients with no prescription insurance or with Medicare Part D and in the “coverage gap” call:
    • The Health District of Northern Larimer County Prescription Assistance Program at 970-416-6519

Health Insurance/Prescription Insurance

  • If you have Medicare, you will need to choose a Medicare Part D plan to cover prescription medications. You have the chance to switch the plan that you have each year. A good way to help you find the plan that is best for you is to go to: At this website, you can enter your zip code and medications and then compare plans to learn which ones will cover your medications and which will not. It will also tell you the plan’s cost and if there is a coverage gap.
    • The Aspen Club will sit down with people and go through the process with them.
      • Main line: 970-495-8560
      • Registration line: 970-495-8565
      • Medicare Help line: 970-495-8558
  • For people without health insurance, and not eligible for Medicare, visit Here you can get information about the Colorado Health Insurance Exchange.