Donna Thomas, RN

My name is Donna Thomas and I am a diploma graduate Registered Nurse. You may ask what this is and I will explain, I went to a hospital based nursing program and graduated in 1975. I studied the basic courses of chemistry, microbiology, anatomy and physiology at the University of Tennessee my first year and then we were taught by nursing instructors at our school the other nursing related courses. These included medical-surgical nursing, OB/GYN nursing, Nutrition, Sociology and Psychology all from the medical perspective. We had class all year for 3 years and worked in the hospital while training to get the most medical experience I could before entering the field. My first job was in Ogden, Utah at McKay-Dee Hospital where I worked on an acute surgical unit for 3.5 years. This gave me a wide introduction to all aspects of nursing which I will always consider my best experience in learning the basics of good care. I then moved to Fort Collins and did a traveling nurse position for the summer until I got my position with Associates in 1979. I worked with Dr. Floyd Stephens for many years at our Oakridge location and then transferred to a management position. I have now transitioned back to patient care which I love and am so excited to help our patients with all of the new aspects of navigating through our complex system. I am also excited to work with our social workers to utilize their skill and great wealth of knowledge in resources available to our patients.